Indoor Skiing – compares to the real thing?

There are those who have never heard of the indoor skiing, although most of the city is a center, if you care to look around for you. It & # 39; s fun and extreme than usual outside, but the participants will receive an artificial area where you have snow and slopes that they can use to whoosh around.

Skiing is a very fun activity that can be done with others as long as they are in the proper training and experience, and learning the inner excellent way to get this experience. Indoor skiing is usually done with a blade strapped to the leg of the skier. Then use the snow on the slopes of leverage, which can increase the speed and gliding over the snow.

This is also known to be much safer than doing it in the wild, because the terrain is very safe and comfortable. But there are still rough terrain where extreme skiers can practice your skills and moves.

always practiced for the first time in the middle before you proceed to the real thing, because some of the outer ski terrain is very dangerous and a & # 39 s true that rather cold and scary. Indoor skiing perfect for beginners and beginners who are just learning to ski.

Although artificial slopes are guaranteed by the experience not the same as the traditional outdoor skiing, there are a number of advantages and benefits that do not provide external skiing.

One advantage of the indoor skiing very cheap and affordable because the ski resorts do not charge anywhere near what you would charge a normal trainer. Another advantage is that the closed-skiing is very safe and relaxing, as the area and the slopes are not very dangerous, high or steep. Another great advantage of the indoor skiing, there are professional skiers and instructors that will teach you if you & # 39; still not an expert on skiing. Skiers can rent ski equipment at the center is quite reasonable prices. Another great advantage of the indoor skiing ensures that the skier is that you can practice all they want, even at night. They hone your skiing skills that will prepare them for competitions and events.

These inner slopes, such as large sports centers, but it is the only sport that can be done inside of skiing, snowboarding, sledding and more. This is all made possible snow cannons that are inside the middle of artificial snow. The whole experience is designed to provide the same experience like skiing outdoors. These places in the competitions and events, which are scary fun for students and professionals alike.

Although the indoor skiing does not provide the same experience to the extreme that the real is, people find it much safer and more exciting, but also face the real slopes.

Source by Iain Taragon

Dubreuil – a remote village in Mauritius

This is a small village located about 20 minutes from the nearest town almost in the center of Mauritius. The population of 2733 inhabitants that is embedded in a totally rustic setting. In fact, this town surrounded by forests and greenery.

On reaching the destination the visitor & # 39; s eyes are focused on the old-fashioned houses and old architecture. Most of the buildings appear deserted requires a thorough renovation. Since this is a humid region, the outside walls green moss. The streets were almost deserted as only few people have the vehicle. Even the buses are a half-hour interval

The main area is concentrated in a few shops and vegetable sellers. Because many things are not available to residents of the village to go the city's shopping and entertainment purposes.As far as regards transport facilities, other than the services offered by the bus company are local taxis traveling from village to town and vice versa.

Like many other villages, it was also equipped with a community center, which can be seen as a meeting point in the villages. It's his to together to discuss everyday problems and how to address them. In door games like Carrom, dominoes, Monopoly and other games proposed to young people. Sports such as football and volleyball are also exercised the residents and tournaments are organized regularly. Outdoor activities also exist, where people gather to celebrate ceremonies and other important functions.

Regarding the health facilities of the Ministry of Health has set up a pharmacy where free health services to the majority of the population .. What the people involved the center minor illnesses, such as injuries, pain, malnutrition and skin problems. Pre-natal services, family planning and vaccination programs are carried out out.However, the main disease that the villagers suffer from alcoholism. This is a serious blow to the village.

The village is also equipped with a primary education, promoting the benefits of the residents. However, because of poverty, many parents can not afford to send their children to school, although education is free. The performance of students is poor, as most of them are not receiving the necessary support to families in their home environment. The majority of employees working in the agricultural sector, sugar cane fields and tea plantation.Up that now the villagers are very few intellectuals. With industrialization, the bulk of the female labor force looking for work in the textile and manufacturing sectors.

Several years ago the police had opened in the village in the security of the population. Earlier, in each case dealt another nearby police station.With the increasing number of cases of police stations do not play a decisive role in maintaining law and order in the locality. Very often, cases of disputes, fights, thefts and conflicts are the villagers under the influence of alcohol explicitly reported to the police.

As mentioned above, one major problem affecting village alcoholism. This situation goes back as along time. Previously, it was not appropriate entertainment for the residents. The only way to entertain themselves was to drink from friends and colleagues. After returning home from work, the majority of workers gathered to talk shop, booze .. Even today, young people have fallen prey to the scourge. You really do not have enough fun in the n generation. The liquor shops bustle with customers and operate until very late. In fact, this is a very profitable business in a corner of the country. In fact, this conjecture will create many social and family problems such as domestic violence, divorce and negligence towards children in special education. Awareness programs are carried out by social workers to tell the terrible effects of the toll on health and social life

One of the most striking features of the village in the presence of several kilometers of forests and green. In fact, from beginning to end, the visitor & # 39; s eyes are attracted to the greenery. Here, life goes on smoothly and peacefully, as the residents away from the crazy crowds and noise large agglomerations and cities .. In fact, this is an ideal place for sports such as running, where the possibility of the individual to breathe fresh air and enjoy good health. The presence of rivers and dams to enhance the beauty of the green area. The rivers are rich in many kinds of fish, shrimps and crabs. Many villagers gain their living by fishing.

After touring the village, the viewer gets a glimpse of a typical Mauritian rural regions. The mentality, culture, behavior and lifestyle of the village is completely different from those in urban areas. So if you get the opportunity to come in Mauritius do not forget to visit the specific locality.

Source by Azad Boodhun

Dance: The Beautiful Art

It's natural to want to dance and move around when you hear the music. The drum beat of a military march, we want to march in time; The smooth circles circulating has the power to make us feel like forever rotation; and a sleeping pill makes us dream our body rhythms. The dance is a natural expression of a natural response to music and sounds from the outside, and sometimes, but rarely, this resonant voices inner joy, which only the individual's confidentiality.

Most people want to dance or enjoy dancing. This feature in most people's lives all over the world who reveal the differences of culture through a variety of music and different styles of dance movement development of their traditional art. There is a difference between a country dance is a dance, or a Western country with a line-up of bands and rap, dance and the accompanying sounds and intonation; The water tap dancers metallic beat to a popular melody and the soft sharp legs ballet dancers describe as a classic piece; A strong passion for the guitar and the corner of a Spanish flamenco beats, smooth swirls in a circle Austrian circulating strains of a violin.

The music is very large impact on what you are trying to express movement and dance. In addition, if you are able to convey their emotions through how we feel our emotions injecting physical movement. If the music lifted us, we can dance, but we want to fly and the best thing you can do to improve your weapons and raise your body off the floor as best we can. If the music on the other hand the gloomy, we prefer gray dress clothes and throw their heads to answer the difficult deliberate movements to show what the music requires.

The professional dancer, it's the music that sets the mood and demands that the dancer resign from his body to the music, not only for their own pleasure, but for the sake of a broader purpose. Then the dancer surrenders to the music, as if the conductor as he aims to complete or definitive body of the device .The dancers only give up the music, if you want a body that serves to express the influence. Dance to the rhythm without conscious thoughts in a clear reaction – it is not art.

Dancers agents of the music – to express something of the spirit of the composer's inspiration. If you like the music, what they want to dance, there is harmony and music source, and a simple relationship between our bodies. It's all about melody and dance add the ingredients in their intelligence and pour over the sense of body language. If you are not attracted to the music, the dance mere puppet. In the future, to be a dancer without having a conscious desire to express the music will be seen as abuse of a dancer! This is not true and is a fine example of the art form at all unless the music and dance are one.

When we hear the dissonant sound, and it is the fashion to go out, be very skilled or insensitive or perhaps all wishing to express chaos and discord. Life is very dissonant voice only too well known to the reality of living without being bold it all. Modern times hard little rhythm, melody and harmony with all popular music.

discotheques lighting makes intermittent vibrations through the chaos and dancer who is sensitive to the beauty and harmony inspired music creates an atmosphere that does not make sense, pointless and crazy. It can not reason that such occasions are not prohibited because of the noise, to preserve the health and all those involved in the trial. The brains of everyone who is involved in corrupt – to what extent, only to be seen in the future. Participants do not deserve the name of a dancer, but often are enslaved to drugs and hypnotic drum beats.

Modern music is not harmonious. Therefore, to become a dancer's body broken and strained, stretched to an extreme stress tested beyond the inherent strength, making demands that are acrobatic, exaggerated, unnatural and unattractive to the people. The beauty of the component that is neglected or even forgotten. And judging by the result that anyone witnessing such movements such music gasp techniques, which extend the boundaries of physical abilities – but leave the audience empty.

Music understand the best food for the soul. This was and remains a classic approach to art that is committed or the purpose of the joy of the students to tell the story, in honor of a bigger person, state, ideal expression of a nation's spirit, or spiritual commitment to religious practice and the glory of God. Music was an expression that served to enrich the students. The best and most powerful music mix of hundreds of thousands of ghosts, who has a long experience the joy of feeling of unity over diversity in one's life.

The dancer depends on the music. The dance music made visible!

Dance has always been part of human culture, and no doubt will remain. In days gone by, as in ancient Egypt, the dancers were temples dedicated to the gods, sacred art and are used in rituals used in the ritual of the strong and the external rites of people and ideas to amass a group in prayer. In the ancient Indian tradition of temple dancers also held a place of honor and the music and dancing were dedicated to the gods.

In ancient Greece, in fact, all ancient civilizations, it was the same – it was not the church there were dances and folk dances from the general population.

our Western culture there is no such equivalent system that allows all is in place. In fact, the Christian religion and worship is no place and no one has so dancing.

Thus, the way of life, we are the poorer. We only use the dancing masses – which only expresses the spirit of the people – and it is always half-hearted. But what about the classical music that served to inspire millions of people around the world. So this is a "leader," but where are the dancers who might be able to express their body means the beautiful sounds and spirit of this glorious arrangement of notes? Thousands of dancing skills but they're tuning in spirit to meet the field?

Many musicians trained a lot of classical music and dance trained classical dance. Surely they can support each other to act as the twin arts create something really beautiful?

Source by Michael Russell

Offshore Safe – Safe Places to Stash Your Cash

may also, eventually, end up in possession of sensitive papers or other portable devices of great value that you should keep in a safe place – as an offshore safe provided.

What are the things we talk about? Any valuable papers. Things like automobiletTitles coins (rare), Passport, Citizenship Records bearer shares, purchase, Pension records, school transcripts, trust documents, immigration papers, rare stamps, mortgage documents, and so on. You may also want to store the data, such as a USB stick or DVD backup securely off-site.

A safe is recommended by many experts estate planning purposes. To pass the contents of a safe deposit heirs without formalities, all that is necessary is to have a second person to gain access to the key. This is accomplished by having the heir is a signatory of the box. If you do not want to have access to in your life, you hold the key, and arrange to be delivered to them in a sealed envelope with instructions of your death or disability.

When used if a bank or an independent safety deposit boxes Company?

Generally, the best solution is to rent a safe, reliable large, first-class bank – not just a box company. Many banks require that you also have an account, and that the withdrawals will be allowed to pay the box rent in advance.

Why should I use a bank safe deposit box instead of an independent company? As an independent company seems to fold or rob great regularity. As a public cloud, they are also often used as a less desirable characters.

On the other hand, the private storage of clothing requires no identification to open a box. They can adopt a pseudonym care about them. Customers can also take part in can log in without a plastic card. As such a box is not linked to any invoice or payment facilities, fit for the user to pay for several years. This avoids the box is opened and the contents sold for unpaid rent.

One of my clients told me the sad story is that after a long hospital stay because of cancer, he realized that his own boxing public storage unit has been opened after a year of unpaid rent. The contents were sold at auction. I had a collection of old stocks that were worthless, like stocks, but high-value collectibles. One of them is a rare original signature of an inventor, Thomas Edison. They were disposed of waste paper.

Best Offshore safe countries

Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, traditional safe havens that are perfectly safe. A good country with a box is one where there is no need to show a passport or go through any border control official. This is not the case in Switzerland – if you do not take your chances without one of the very few drivers crossing the border!

Vienna and Zurich airport is convenient national airline hubs. Comfortably through these countries when traveling to other cities. Just make stops long enough to visit stash; installed or you need. A safe area you will not have to seek out a tax haven. A peaceful, stable country where property rights are just fine.

Almost all banks offer safe. If yours is a country where there is no problem, it does not matter much which one to use. But you need to have at least one person you trust who can box and be able to achieve it. If you have an accident, it is important that the box can not be forgotten or abandoned.

Hold the Key Safe!

When he opened the box, the key is deposited in a bank deposit in a sealed envelope to the Office or on their own, a personal banker. This ensures that the key is not discovered the person or property of anyone in dubious intentions, such as the soon to be ex-wife.

Many bank safe with two keys – one held by you. The second (the Master key) held by the bank. Only two of the boxes are opened.

The latest high-tech safe, no key. These safe deposit box can only be opened fingerprint scans. The other option is to boxes in areas where they are combination locks. Experienced opening safe crackers are a good combo locks. They are less secure than the complex keys – experience. We are also not welcome the secret numbers memorized. Why? Since it has more than once forgotten an important combination or password.

Be sure to check the box that you can access without ID, in case you lose it, and we have to get the backups to ensure thoughtfully inside the box! Some banks, particularly in Zurich, you want to see and photocopying ID every time you reach the box – even if they are well known. Where ever possible of the box, it can be introduced in many of the staff who will help you to gain access to the box without ID if need be. Tell them to look good, and remember personally, so you always have access to the box or the money from the account without identification. Tell them your favorite silly joke or story, and tell them to remember that you can say that again, many years later. Then you will remember!

Shhh … Can you keep a secret?

Do not just keep it in a safe deposit box key and a gold chain around your neck at all times. This is something we do movie villains.

If a secret, we always think about. Do not tell anyone about it. Leave the keys and instructions on the personal banker, or someone you trust implicitly. Also, we think! Let death instructions on the box – just in case something happens to you. These may be written to a CD or video form. The box opens after about one or two years of inactivity – and if you do not pay the annual fee.

Sometimes a safe forgotten for decades. About seventy years in the criminal billionaire and renowned Al Capone died in prison, a closed bank, once the owner of Chicago have found that a long-forgotten secret underground vault locked registered name. His money was never recovered. The national television network bought rights to show the drilling and re-open this vault, "live on TV." Many people, including me, are tuned to the opening. We thought it was an event that matches the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt fabulous. What happened? It's a good show to a complete let-down. It seems that someone has a spare key Al Capone arrived in a safe location first. None had the slightest interest in the vault.

will be the Secrets With You Die?

Most offshore banks will be required to have a bank account, and that he be allowed to withdraw from the annual accounts, safe deposit box rental fees for that. Such instructions and automated payment will be dead for years before it was dead, and the box is drilled. Thus, the bankers may have to ask you to open the instructions (not the box) in the event that you do not hear a certain period, say three years. Better yet, the banker should be warned, "After three years of no contact, contact my lawyer, XYZ, or your kids, wife, best friend." We trust must be instructed what to do in case of assets of the death, disappearance or disability. The banker should be told what to do or how and when to make contact with those people who definitely know where you are.

Maybe someone you trust who has nothing to gain by suing you will be given the power of attorney or a task completed, plus a valid will that all loose ends are tied up. Without it, such as Switzerland, the bank can only keep the property! Simple as that. The English-speaking countries there is usually a shift back to the content of the law extending the state dormant accounts and abandoned safe deposit. England, unclaimed money and property goes to the "Crown". California, package contents and accounts dormant for more than seven years to go to the Teachers' Pension Fund.

In such cases, the heirs have only a very limited time to claim. Most never because you never learn the tools.

The Austrian Palace Anonymous disabled

The Swiss and Austrian generally provided excel running discrete safe. Almost all countries is needed, identification rent a safety deposit box. But in Austria, at the time of writing, there is provided a safe company that offers anonymous. It has been around for years and is a highly recommended reading. This is a good place to store a second passport, bank card and other PT equipment that you do not want to keep their home country.

This is the company's premises in the basement of a beautiful palace in Vienna. This name and Das Safe website When in Vienna, you can visit them Auerspergstrasse 1, I predict it will remain in the business a long time coming, but how long will be allowed to anonymous business, open to question.

Other recommended safe facilities in Austria Schoellerbank branches (no keys needed – regulate access to electronic fingerprint scan) and Raiffeisen Bank in the 'secret' enclave Jungholz.

Safe Company A reliable Prague

Another service Safe known in Prague in the Czech Republic. They require a valid identity card to open the box. The service is very professional and discreet from then on, not necessary passport for later access. You can pay up to five years in advance. Self-service access to the main vault of a magnetic card system to the main entrance. You can give the door card and key to anyone. They can then access the safe-box, without having to conform to the employees or identify themselves in any way.

This particular company is a joint venture between one of Czech banks and money changers Chequepoint chain. It has been found in the basement of an old bank building right on the famous Wenceslas Square since about 1992nd It welcomes visitors to stop and examine your options. The street bow 28 13. The web site is currently not available in English, but if you visit them you will find they speak English.

Source by Peter Macfarlane

Ski Whistler Or Blackcomb – Which Mountain top

Whistler Blackcomb combines two of the best ski mountains in the world all in one center, but until the new peak to peak gondola that one hill to the other had to go to the base of the mountain and then catch another lift upwards. This is obviously wasted valuable skiing time, so that would make the most of the skiers on the day of election. So this got me thinking, what I choose.

Unfortunately, the date, a mountain is quite limited, so I turned to a couple of friends that spent a season in Whistler Blackcomb that they prefer.

my friend John spent two seasons living in Whistler Blackcomb staff accommodation & Sylvia spent four seasons in Whistler and the Whistler favors.

frame BlackcombMountain

John. – "Both mountains awesome so difficult choice probably skied Blackcomb more because they lived in the village, but all of the hills has its uses, depending on the circumstances, and the preference field.

to understand the differences you need to go back in history. Whistler was built in 1960 and runs are cut where ever seen an opportunity in the big run. So Whistler a more designed by the pioneering spirit of skiers for skiers.

Blackcomb on the other hand was designed with purpose and built a computer screen, so the trails and lifts connecting much better, making it ideal for skiers looking to cruise around and get plenty of runs .

a powder day is a difficult choice, but when it's cold and sunny, and 7th Heaven on Blackcomb offers Whistler Blackcomb only south-facing bowl that fixes several days to soften the cover.

intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders can head to the glacier, which is only open off Blackcomb fantastic powder skiing where fresh tracks can also be found hours a day.

a hard core terrain park lovers Blackcomb is the largest half-pipe and terrain park.

kids and kids at heart Blackcomb Adventure Centre to complete the Magic Castle, tunnels and fast turning kids friendly banks through the trees. Blackcomb ski resort is the home of the tubing park and night skiing.

The Case for Whistler

Sylvia – "After three seasons of living and working in the locals would prefer to ski where the locals preferred and most of my friends were in Whistler

Whistler generally higher. challenging terrain, including the awesome 50 foot cliff jump called Air Jordan. the back bowls of Whistler offer plenty of non-broad-piste skiing. and since the runs where cut skiers tend to get even better fall line and challenges.

I particularly love skiing trees and whilst both mountains a large tree skiing, off the peak chair in Whistler there is no comparison.

spring when the snow getting softer Whistler tends to hold heat better so Whistler is often a better option later in the season . "

Whistler Vs Blackcomb

So not very conclusive as both Whistler and Blackcomb amazing mountains and more than enough terrain and challenges to any level of skier or snowboard snow holiday happiness – I think that it all comes down to the day of the preferences and conditions.

Fortunately, the new peak to peak Gondola is the choice of which ski mountain just that little bit easier!

is a useful comparison of online ski and snowboard rental options in Whistler Blackcomb look at Whistler Blackcomb ski

You can easily book your ski rentals online and the convenience of home plus – Save up to 20% off walk rents – Faster pick up upon arrival – Secure special sizes and even – Secure your skis or snowboard preferences

Source by Kenn Christie

Information Technology and Global Village

Technological advances certainly had a huge impact on the lives of many. This world is becoming a global village and distances no longer a problem. Communications and mass information is only a few clicks away; thanks to computer-related technology, more specifically the usefulness of the Internet, which is part of information technology. related

social networking sites and chat applications are showing a lot of advantages to the users. They reduce the distance between users and help them contact relatives and friends all over the world. The goal of any social networking site, the application and utility user-friendly.

The technological changes and new developments occurring every day, Internet users no longer have to face the problems online that they had to face due to the recent technical errors, leading to frustration. Now, users no longer need to rummage achieve a lot of messages from a conversation or read hyperactive speeds just to keep in touch with the discussion of his hands. The systems are becoming more modern and flexible, making it more convenient for users.

This constant and rapid change in web technologies opens up many possibilities open to both users and developers. Users now have more opportunities to convert and developers in the development of newer, better, more efficient and easy to use portals.

In the early days, e-commerce existed in a kind of mediation trade and financial transactions. This is one of the few things have changed over time. This historic turning point for e-commerce occurred about three decades ago.

technologies such as electronic data interchange and electronic funds transfer have been introduced and had a revolutionary impact, since they made it possible for businesses to communicate with commercial documents such as orders and invoices electronically fundamentals of secure networking systems. The growth of telephone banking, credit card transactions and automated teller machines has added a new dimension to e-commerce. There are also many aspects of business and other related issues, which are becoming as per the users need, and information technology to provide a highly efficient and secure platform to them.

Electronic payment systems have become the engine almost all online transactions. The major electronic payment systems that govern current online transactions are credit card processing systems and electronic payment gateways. The electronic payment gateways companies that facilitate financial transactions online to authenticate credit cards and online bank accounts authorizing that certain transactions. Basically made up of a virtual connection between the merchant's website and the credit card companies; it certainly saves a long bank queues and offer purchasing options when ever and where ever someone like that while they lived in the splendors computing.

Information technology has come a long way, and constantly changing. This is truly the world into a global village.

Source by Brenda Williams

Ukraine is an artificial state

The state of Ukraine was only after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In such a state existed in history before 1991, as part of any other state / empire — first the Russian Empire and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and after that there is the capacity of the Soviet Union republics. On the other hand, the Russians and Ukrainians in the same race, the Slavic race; their language is very similar (we, the foreigners, who know Russian, Ukrainians understand it, up to 80%, but can not speak, read or write, — the author), and there is almost no difference between culture, mentality, habitus, etc.

in the "Ukraine" has evolved, changed after writing and pronunciation of the original word — to the Russian "Ukraina", meaning "border". This word is sometimes used in the Middle Ages represents the southwestern part of Russia but is basically used to indicate that military personnel working in the region. The official name of the region was not yet "Ukraina", but "Malarussia" means "Little Russia".

Due to the region's so-called "Malarussia" a local spoke Russian, because it is different to some extent the Russian spoken in Moscow. But interestingly, the literary Russian language took its present form in this region as well, especially in Kiev, capital of Ukraine in the current. The more important fact is that the foundation established in Kiev in the Russian Empire. 988-D in the Russian Vladimir Sviatoslavich King founded the Russian Empire in Kiev brings the whole Slavic race of the same Russian natural Russian Orthodoxy and putting under all the big and small kingdoms of an emperor. From this point of view, Kiev is not only the first capital of the Russian Empire, but also the origin of Russian civilization.

But Kiev has lost political significance and influence towards the end of the XII century, Moscow became the new capital of the Russian Empire. At the time of another empire, in parallel with the Russian Empire, centering Moscow was established in Lithuania. Although the emperors of the Lithuanian empire is basically the Russians and the Russian was the official language, the general inclination is always to the west of Lithuania. As a result, Lithuania and Poland formed a federal government in 1569 to D — the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Lvov, another important city of the present Ukraine with Kiev fell under this Commonwealth. The population of Kiev and Lvov was, no doubt, the Russians, and was a branch of the Russian Orthodox Christianity, but also of Poles, Lithuanians, and the Emperor were Catholics. As a result, the Russians have become second-class citizens of the Commonwealth. The Russians were ordered to be converted to catholicity. Russian Empire was imposed not migrate as well.

The Commonwealth is not limited to issuing orders only; In 1596 the Russians D forcibly converted to Catholicism and the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church was murdered. In after-effects to it, "Orthodox Brotherhood" was between the Russians, who escaped from the conversion.

Already before the Russians left only three ways to change themselves or Catholicism or flee the Russian Empire in the East, or to fight the actual existence and rights in their homeland. He decided in the third, and the war was declared in 1648 under the leadership of Bogdan Khmelnitsky D. After six years of terrible war, signing a contract with the Commonwealth and the Russian Empire. Kiev entered the Russian Empire, but remained in Lvov.

The Commonwealth was weak towards the end of the eighteenth century, and in 1772 the D much of the land allocated to the Prussian, Austrian-Hungarian and Russian empires. Lvov came under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And Poland has been almost non-existent in the 1795 D

The Russians have been guilty in the eyes of the lonely patients Poles fate. They put all the pain and anger, hatred and enmity with the Russians. The Poles, no doubt imagined restored the once great Polish empire, but as this was not possible, so plan to take away the territory of the Russian Empire had in Poland: since this area was not under Poland at that time, the same can not be covered in Russia! The Poles were launched a campaign claiming that the population of the area in Russia were not Russians but also Ukrainians! This means that the Ukrainians were a separate nation 'own language and culture, "and that is why Russia had no rights in the occupied land: Russia has been occupying the land illegally!

In fact, it is the Poles who invented the artificial ideals of the Ukrainian nation, "" the Ukrainian language and culture ", etc. In 1795 AD Polish intellectual Jan Potocki first analyzes the Malarussian region and spoke Russian a specific area" Ukraine "and" Ukrainian language & # 39; respectively. In 1801, another Polish intellectual Tadeusz D Czacki clearly mentions in his book that the population Malarussia were not Russians, but another country. He forwarded the "theory" claiming that the Malarussians migrated to the region in the areas of Volga, Ural, etc. VII century, but did not have any evidence or documents to support it.

This may be evidence of "theory" that did not go unnoticed and forgotten over time, but some incidents have occurred in the Russian Empire at that time rather helped it grow. It regarded the Russian Emperor (Tsar) Alexander I, the Polish nobles educated and efficient than the Russian partners. As a result, the Poles occupied all the important posts of the Empire: they were the heads of the education system and the Academy of Sciences. They took the whole education system Malarussia hands, and included such things, the following material: Malarussia still in the West (which means Europe, and that is why it is civilized); The inhabitants were not Russians, but another nation; The Russians are Asians (meaning barbarians) and aggressors. These have included such incredible things: Russia and Ukraine are also engaged in war with 5-6 times, since such a war never occurred, and there was no possibility that!

But the fruit of the efforts made by the Polish nobles: books written sometimes seen as a lie is the truth. Nikolay Kostomarov Malarussian residents formed an organization among the intellectuals, teachers and Kiev. The organization announced that Ukraine nor Russia nor Malarussia, but a separate country, and lived in a separate nation — the Ukrainian nation. The dialect was declared complete Malarussia selected language and a new script by mixing Russian and Roman was set up in a hurry. He wrote a new dictionary gathers Malarussian the words of the dialect of the "Dictionary of Ukrainian language"!

together with the Russian-dominated area of ​​Lvov, once in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and under the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was called Galicia. The intellectuals were busy Malarussian spread out books and news papers "Ukrainian" by "Ukrainian language". Malarussia not release it took place, but in Galicia.

The Galician Russians called "Ruthenian" or "Rutens" and they've put catholicity. As the Russians kept the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the second-class citizens and to suppress the Poles, the Russian Galician, especially the noble, she devoted herself to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They also fought on behalf of the weapon in his hand during the Austro-Hungarian emperor of the Polish and Hungarian uprisings of 1809 and 1848 respectively D. The emperor to wear a strip parallel manner has a yellow and blue colors. Interestingly, the present flag is yellow and blue of Ukraine put a parallel manner!

Although the victim of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Rutens is proved, the emperor did not take their full confidence, having the same language and culture, at any time, they could have shifted their determination of the Russian Empire. To establish oversight of the emperor set out certain conditions for them in 1848 AD: If the Rutens wanted to help and support the emperor, you need to consider themselves non-Russians, but also independent and marked the nation, and should avoid the nationality of the Russian Empire. As said before, books and newspapers that published "Ukrainian" in Galicia. Now a new name in the "separate and complete indicating the nation" has become a necessity, and the emperor approved the "Ukrainian" them.

classes, of course, was "one Rutens" this issue: some never want to give up the Russian Root, but others wanted to be "Ukrainians". On the other hand, it also revealed that the "Ukrainian" indicating incomplete language, but a mixture of words and phrases in Russian and Polish Language and Dialect Malarussian Galicia.

The process of expanding the "Ukrainian language" has become a general Rutens painful, because they could not understand why the Russian words cleverly replace local words. The end came concluded that the origin of the process towards "Ukrainization" is nothing but lies, forgery and infidelity.

Austro-Hungarian Empire, on the other hand, violence has forwarded the process of developing the 'New Nation. " writers and journalists who do not want the "New Language" tagged as "Spies Moscow". Teaching materials printed with "Ukrainian" and the teachers are dissatisfied with it, was deposed. Ukrainization "in full swing in 1892 AD." Ukrainian nationalist "Manshilovsky Joseph wrote in his book:" … Ukrainism mean forgetting the past and felt ashamed to be thrown from the Root of Russian history and Russian … the specific characteristics and all effort should be made to spread "Ukrainism" …

the Austro-Hungarian monarchy got the chance to destroy your opponents' Ukrainism "during world war II prisoner in 1914, and in 2000 the war in Russia empire prisons Galicia. As well as prisoners of war, many of these teachers, doctors, and even the farmers of Galicia, who opposed "Ukrainism" they were killed. 300 priests of the Russian Orthodox Church were based only doubt would have been able to keep a secret sympathy for Orthodoxy! A lot of innocent people, who spoke Russian, Russian or former names, or kept in a Russian-language newspapers and books in their houses, arrested, labeling them "Spies Moscow", and then killed. These events are always left over from the big black spots on Austrian history.

The more painful fact is that the so-called Ukrainian nationalists also took part in these inhumane activities: they themselves were hanged and shot his own friends, siblings and even relatives! Thus, the Ukrainian nationalism was born, even before the Ukrainian nation was founded!

The real purpose of those incidents happened in Austria to understand the statement of the then Foreign Minister Leopold Berchtold. In November 1914, announced: "… the real purpose of this war is that Russia is weak for a long time, if not forever If we win, we will create separation Malarussia Sovereign Ukraine Russia …."

with the aim of creating Sovereign Ukraine, Austria ordered to write the story of 10 parts of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, "Mikhail Grushevsky who escaped from Galicia, the Russian empire Grushevsky included in this." history "that three Russians: the first was established in Kiev, the the second in Moscow, and the third in Lithuania, the population has been the Kiev Russia was the "Ukrainians" the Ruthenian students Galicia studied this "History", and I began to believe that whatever was written, it was the truth: they have started to think that it is not. They were Russians, but a separate nation, and instead of the willingness of Russia to the west began to grow. and Grushevsky not only the "honor" huge amounts of money, but also presented a big house in the Kiev write this "History." Interestingly, in 1991 the Ministry of Education of the Ukrainian government recognized the "History" in the Grushevsky!

It should be noted that Ukrainian nationalism and fascism in Germany was from the beginning. Malarussian resident and Ukrainian nationalist Nikolai Mikhnovsky forwarded these slogans: "Ukraine for Ukrainians only —," "Russians Malarussia and Lithuania, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians and Jews are our enemies — Dmitry Dontsov another Ukrainian nationalist who was three anti-czarist Russia! Galicia's activities and fled to avoid arrest, the fourth, was led under the 'Liberation Movement of Ukraine, "the personal supervision of the Austrian emperor She also wrote in 1926." … as the highest pursuit of creating your own country does not appear until the items are not exchanged through axioms and dogmas, while shyness is not converted to the brutality, there is not any — Ukraine! … The main principle of Ukrainian nationalism. Ukraine Europe (a civilized), Russia Asia (barbaric), and this is why the friendship between them is impossible … "

It is necessary to mention that the under fascism seen any so-called anti-Russian action takes place in present-day Ukraine. 50% of the population in the Donetsk district, which is located in the eastern part of Ukraine, Russia, and this is why the district is not more "of Ukraine," the Ukrainian people. and they're ready to destroy the district completely! in affect, the Russians, the district will be forced to fight the Ukrainian armed forces for their own survival. Ironically, the same thing happened in 1648 AD Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. and America and the west, spreading propaganda all over the world to Russia's aggression in Ukraine carries helps the 'rebels' weapons and ammunition

Thus, the Austrian empire extended its full support to the construction known as indicating the help and Ukrainian nationalism. The indifferent attitude towards the Russian Empire Rutens happened to help the Russian Galician received no financial assistance or political support from Russia.

However, the "Ukrainian nationalism" even on foreign soil, but after the formation of the Soviet Union, began an official Ukrainism help and assistance within the EU. Galicia, however, is still a foreign country, but Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was established on the basis of already established with other Malarussia "Ukrainism".

Stalin in 1921, the then Minister of associated jobs Nations announced: "… if there are still some elements of the Russian republic of Ukrainian cities, you will be sure to replace step by step Ukrainian elements …". And in 1923, the Communist Party of the Republic of Ukraine announced that it will start Ukrainization: production system, education system, print media, theater etc. have been ukrainized. In 1929 Ukrainian language has been teaching for more than 80% of primary schools nearly 55% of secondary schools and 10% of the institutes and universities. And in 1930, 90% of News Papers and Magazines 80% of the Republic of Ukraine started to be published in the Ukrainian language, while Malarussian citizens do not hear "Ukraine" and "Ukrainian language" for another 15 years before it!

Some Ukrainian nationalists called Galicia came after the formation of the Republic of Ukraine. The local people were fed doubt and leaving them ignored. He said: "I feel good, the Russians and the Ukrainians hate just hate the German fascists is why we ask the Russian Federation is attached to us.".

The Galician Ukrainian nationalists, though, was still trying to find "Sovereign Ukraine. In 1929, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists announced" on the basis of Sovereign Ukraine "Towards a nation and a half. The end of the 30s, it It was closer to the German fascists and participated in the training programs of Gestapo and the German spies engaged in terrorist activities. they thought that after the capture, the fascists would be handed over to the Republic of Ukraine to them and would be able to found the "Sovereign Ukraine. However, the fascists had no such intention, rather planned transformation of the entire Soviet Union and the Ukrainian Republic, the Colony. The Ukrainian nationalists, in collaboration with the fascists, it was the signing of inhumanity and brutality of history: the beginning of the Second World War and the Russians, Poles, Jews and Armenians killed in Lvov. On March 22, 1943, they burned down the village called "Khatyn" in Belarus. They proved that inhumanity and brutality of the highest degree Volynia Poland: 70,000 Poles, including children, elderly people and women, have been wiped out. However, thousands of citizens of the Republic of Ukraine fought the Fascists and getting wounded and killed at that time, it was the Soviet Union, which recognized formally for the first time in history Ukrainism.

Had the Soviet Union not extended assistance and support to the Ukrainian culture had become extinct. The Union can provide the sense of security and stability for all; this really makes sense longer exists after its dissolution. Therefore, the sense of insecurity and instability now dominates all the former republics, including Ukraine. America and the West, tried to create a sense of insecurity and instability in the Soviet Union in the Cold War times. Their goal is to clearly was to separate Ukraine to the EU, as well as cheap labor and land, Ukraine vast park, natural resource development — it is essential to America and the West. The geographical position of Ukraine is also important to set out here, the whole world may be held this position under control. Therefore, financial and political help and assistance has been extended to the Ukrainian nationalist organizations based in America, Europe and Canada. At the same time, they have been spreading propaganda that the Soviet Union explains "aggression" in Ukraine. There is also on the same spread propaganda, but by "Soviet Union" in the "Russian"!

Ukraine artificial state that has no roots of its own, the root of the tongue and the culture and civilization and history remained in Russia and, therefore, their own survival, only one road remains before the country — hostility in Russia! As a result, as well as America and the West, Ukraine is forced to keep running the propaganda of the "Russian aggression" and "Russian Fear". Such propaganda was during action last recording Crimea to Russia, although the Crimea was never part Malarussia: 1954 based only on certain political calculations, Nikita Khrushchev, the then president of the Soviet Union annexed the commercial and strategic importance to Sevastopol and the Crimea to the Ukrainian Republic. Development of

self-exploiting, oppressing and depriving others — these are the main aims and the United States and the West. They are now behaving in a way like very much concerned about the current situation in Ukraine, which has been "in Russia. Created by these again and again repeating the" democracy "and" within the framework of development "to Ukraine, but in reality, they are not at all concerned with, it is democracy or development in Ukraine. They want to do business in Ukraine, not to the benefit of the country, but his own, and the business is easier when democracy in the country. democracy also helps them taking advantage of the vast natural resources, fertile land and cheap labor Ukraine for their own benefit and development.

the sooner Ukraine understand these things, and instead of America and the West, comes sooner closer to Russia, which is the country's share in the common language, cultural and religious roots, as well as a blood relation of the first in the country to achieve security and stability, and will be able to maintain its own existence as soon as possible.

Source by Kanai Gogoi

South Africa needed a visa to travel overseas if

South African passport holders need a visa to enter the Schengen area without Europe. The country in the Schengen Area: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

If you are visiting just one Schengen country, you must apply the Schengen visa at that country embassy or consulate.

If the intention Visitor several Schengen countries, you must apply the Schengen visa at the embassy or consulate of the country where you will be able to spend most of the time. For example, if you are visiting Germany for three days, France and the Netherlands two days each, would apply the Schengen visa at the embassy or consulate of Germany.

If you are visiting several Schengen countries but will not be the main objective, you must apply the Schengen visa at the embassy or consulate of the country first, then ENTER.

visa Schengen visa in several times similar to the above countries, and the need for a single Schengen visa. There are several kinds Schengen visas – a transit visa, short-stay and long-stay visa, airport transit visa and group visa (under certain circumstances). The overall cost of a Schengen visa (any category) in the l60 (R575).

during any visa application, you must telephone the embassy or consulate concerned.

The Schengen visa will be issued a temporary passport South Africans provided to passengers traveling within two months, the question of whether an emergency passport, and if it is a South African Traveller személyazonosító Act. Some Schengen countries will not allow entry to a temporary passport. Check the trip before.

Austria: Austrian Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-452-9155. Cost: E60.

Belgium: Belgian Consulate General, Rosebank, Joburg, phone 011-912-9600. Cost: E60.

UK: South African passport holders do not need a visa without access to visits Britain for up to six months. However, visa clearance can not be issued a temporary passport. Working holiday makers must have a visa for entering Britain. Work visa application must be made by DHL Visa Center (the British freelance Commission). Call 0861-858-4727 or go []. Cost: R195 plus costs for DHL appropriate visa.

Canary Islands: SA passport holders will need a Schengen visa to enter. The Spanish Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-460-0123. Cost: E60.

Cyprus: Cyprus High Commission, Pretoria, 012-342-5258. Cost: R110.

Denmark: Royal Danish Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-430-9340 or at the Royal Danish Consulate General, Sandton, phone 011-804-3374. Cost: E60.

Finland: The Finnish Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-343-0275. Cost: E60.

France: French Consulate General, Rosebank, phone 011-778-5600. Cost: E60.

Germany: German Embassy – visa section of Pretoria, 012-427-8999. Cost: E60.

Greece: Greek Consulate General, Illovo, 011-214-2300. Cost: E60.

Iceland: The Royal Danish Embassy represents Iceland in the issue of a visa, Royal Danish Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-430-9340 or the Royal Danish Consulate General, Sandton, phone 011-804 -3374. Cost: E60.

Ireland: SA passport holders do not need to enter Ireland, suspension for up to three months without a visa. Contact the Embassy of Ireland in Pretoria, 012-342-5062 for more information.

Italy: The Italian Embassy in Pretoria Pretoria residents only issues visas. Phone 012-423-0000. Applications South African living in ZIP codes 1000-2899 and 9300-9999 to the General Consulate of Italy, Houghton, phone 011-728-1392. Cost: E60.

Luxembourg: The Belgian Consulate General, telephone 011-912-9600. Cost: E60. The South African temporary passports are not allowed in force in Luxembourg.

Malta: SA passport holders need a visa to Malta, but if you have a Schengen visa, you can enter it in Malta. The tiszteletbeli Consulate of Malta, Cape Town, phone 021-430-5319. Contact the Maltese government website

Monaco: Contact the Consulate of Monaco 021-702-0991 Tiszteletbeli / 2

Netherlands: The Dutch Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-425-4500. Cost: E60. The South African temporary passports are traveling should not be allowed to enter the Netherlands.

Norway: Royal Norwegian Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-342-6100. Cost E60. As well as the Schengen visa to travel to South Africans must have a SA identity books to show proof of residence, temporary passport.

Portugal: Portuguese Consulate General, Johannesburg, 011-622-0645-9 or the Portuguese embassy – consular department, Pretoria, 012-341-5522. Cost: E60.

Spain: The Spanish Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-460-0123. Cost: E60. As well as the Schengen visa to travel to South Africans must have a SA identity books to show proof of residence, a temporary passport.

Sweden: Swedish Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-426-6400. Cost: E60.

Switzerland: SA passport holders do not need a visa can enter Switzerland without not exceeding three months. But when studying, working, etc., they will need a visa. The Swiss Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-452-0660.

Turkey: South African passport holders need a visa to Turkey. The Turkish Embassy, ​​Pretoria, phone 012-342-6053 / R676 4. The cost of the visa.

Source by Gerald Crawford

Hercules – What is the measure of a true hero?

Long ago, far away land of ancient Greece, there was a golden age of powerful gods and extraordinary heroes. And the biggest and strongest of all these heroes was the great Hercules. But what is the measure of a true hero? Ah, this is what our story … "

Fables fashionable, no doubt about it. The film, the world is saved in the 21st century superhero few times a day, because neither the futuristic . technology and astonishing powers of

However, for me at Disney "Hercules" is the best film in this genre ever: it is based on the only film in Greek mythology – gods among them the timeless tales, the world complicated relationships and people discovered the secrets of life on earth, conveying struggling important lessons mortals.

the conduct of the Royal Society of Mount Olympus in those days, it seems as fallible than today's jet set and the absence of TV, the stories of their lives and adventures, weaknesses and misdemeanors in ancient Greece apparently was the talk of the town

as an animated film first released in 1997, the ancient characters of Walt Disney's "Hercules" talking about a very modern language. – Charlton Heston ( narrator), Rip Torn (Zeus, chief of the gods), James Woods (Hades, lord of the underworld) and Danny DeVito (Phil the Satyr) was released including their voices in a fast-paced, wildly funny and very entertaining movie for kids and adults alike.

What is often overlooked, though, is that the story of Hercules is a brilliant parable of the human cycle of life on earth – to me that most of his films. It all starts with the party on Mount Olympus, where the gods reserved the right entrance is to celebrate the birth of Hercules, son of Zeus and Hera. The host welcomes a new guest:

"Hades, you finally made How are things in the underworld.?" "Well, they're just fine. You know, a little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people. What are you going to do?"

The evil Hades plans to overthrow Zeus, as leader of the gods in what he sends helpers pain and panic after a "hostile takeover bid", however, and soon the party abduct Hercules down Earth, because the fate predict that it might thwart a coup 18 years later.

Although the pain and fear is still the most effective allies dark forces today, good help was hard to find, even in those days, and pain and panic did not quite manage to infuse a magic potion Hercules would make him forget his divine origin.

As a result, Hercules retains his superhuman strength of his spells on the ground – but that does not make him a very popular, like an impetuous teenager, she breaks everything it touches, and not allowed anywhere near the local pottery shop. & # 39;. Jerkules " his nickname back then, and I want to be normal like everyone else

just wants to fit in somehow, and he knows where he belongs, in which the scene of the archetypal hero's mission – this is very much highlighted his catchy song & # 39; to go the distance ":" I'll find my way, I can go the distance, I'll be there a few days, if you can be strong; I know that every mile is worth will be my go. "

So when you leave the home of the parents to find their place in the world, the first stop of the temple of Zeus, in a quiet place, though, to ask for guidance. There he learns that his father is a famous – and Zeus tells him that he had to prove himself a true hero on earth to restore its status as a god.

How to become a true hero?

learn the expert.

Zeus the advice and help of Pegasus the flying horse, Hercules looking Philictetus, the coach of the heroes. Phil disillusioned, because the former customers such as Perseus and Achilles did not go the full distance, but it takes Hercules, and shows him all the tricks of the hero-commerce. We all make mistakes and get hurt in the process a few times, of course – if you are taught that you have to learn and the lines between teacher and student gets blurry after a while.

Along the way, Hercules is to save Megara, the distressed, and they fall in love – does not know that he had sold his soul to Hades, however, and is committed to help him settle the cosmos to take over Mount Olympus. Despite efforts to Hercules out of the way before they spoil the prey, she will be a famous superstar "zero to hero" of the big city its own merchandised brand of consumer goods, the royalties that go with it, and the great life that everyone envies .

But to be rich and famous, powerful and efficient is not a true hero, Zeus tells him in another visit to the temple – before Hercules to join the gods he must have done something to make her discover herself something only found by looking inside. for the love of it –

Hades meanwhile angry and very disappointed with the lack of progress until you find a single weakness of Hercules. Hercules finally agrees to give up his massive strength to win a 24-hour liberty from the clutches of Hades – who immediately launch the attack on the World unleashing Titans.

But You, Pegasus and Hercules Phil did not give up shattered dreams and help him in his darkest hour. Along with the gods on Mount Olympus, Hades and defeat the Titans and liberate the planet earth from the underworld of tyranny and oppression – but not without casualties: You will die!

In a desperate attempt to change the course of events Hercules rushes to Hades and strikes a deal with him. & # 39; to bring Meg place "after His dive river of death, selflessly offered his life in exchange for his, but fate did not cut the thread that both of them appear alive – the underworld is not the power of God

he and the huge Hercules whisked off to Mount Olympus – now she can be reunited with his family back home a happy Zeus. explains: & # 39; a true hero is not measured the size of power – but the strong heart "

This is the moment, Hercules has always dreamed of, but realizes that life without love! even an immortal life would be empty – and decides to stay on the ground Meg and her friends finally know where I belong. "

I love it!

What if we all forget that we are powerful beyond measure and I have a connection with unlimited support of divine origin?

What if you knew that exactly where we belong, no matter where you are always, and what do we do?

Source by Berend Lange

What is Authentic Bavarian and Austrian Alpine Folk Music (Echte Volksmusik Alpenlaendische)?

When Americans think of German music, they associate it hears the sounds of the band Polka different Oktoberfests held across the country. What most of them do not know, however, is that the music is just one of the many kinds of German people's voices. I do not know if anybody tried to classify all of them, and I certainly will not attempt here. At the same time I want to introduce and explain a certain kind of Volksmusik which I think is the most authoritative among the regions in Bavaria, Austria and Northern Italy.

The main types Volksmusik

Generally speaking, we can say that there are three main kinds of Volksmusik. Most of the least commercial (and I use the word not a negative connotation at all), they are:

1 – Volkstuemliche Musik. Volkstuemliche Musik is the most similar to what Americans are used to hear. Amusement topics, joyful rhythms (mostly Polkas), some modern instruments like drums, bass guitar, electric keyboard and the repertoire is mainly a family history of tradition. At the highest level, volkstuemliche Musik brings huge crowds of musicians and local real pop star.

2 – Oberkrainer Musik. Oberkrainer Musik comes originally from Slovenia. A typical combined with one or two accordion, clarinet and trumpet playing in harmony, the bass and / or tuba (or bass brass) and a semi-acoustic guitar. Oberkrainer pieces generally cheerful and happy themes, although there are several varieties used in the dance-rhythms. There is a strong emphasis on instrumental virtuosity and often have a rich repertoire borrowing Echte Volksmusik.

3 – Authentic Alpine Volksmusik (Echte Volksmusik Alpenlaendische). This music was played mainly in Bavaria, Austria and Sudtirol (Italy), and its roots back to the late 18th century. The vast majority of the historic repertoire – especially pieces that are passed down through generations unwritten and are therefore subject to regional variations in the music and lyrics. Echte Volksmusik between devices in the Styrian Harmonica (buttonbox accordion), the zither, a classical guitar, harp, double bass; plus clarinet, trumpet, violin, and other lesser-used tools such as Ocarina, a Dorombszövetség and a kind of xylophone called Mountain Hoelzernes Glachter. Rhythm diverse range of topics and is optimistic about the melancholy.

anatomy authentic Volksmusik

Authentic (echte) Volksmusik be a variety of shapes, such as Stubenmusi (mountain lounge music), Saitenmusi (string-band music), duets, trios, quartets, etc. in different makeups from the purely instrumental to a cappella.

If you had to describe the typical Volksmusik piece, I'd do it in the following manner, bearing in mind that this is a generalization, there are many exceptions.

is a big part of the music is based on dance rhythms typical of the area. While Americans typically associate with German music Polkas, perhaps the most popular dances in authentic Volksmusik Landler and Boarischer. The Polka and Walzer (Waltz) is certainly a place of honor, any more than "accent pieces" as the main fare.

Most of the long-term, and the vast majority of eight or sixteen bars pieces to be danced – the (usually), except for a few songs and Yodlers.

to Boarischer

Boarischer one of the bounciest dances of Alpine tradition, and one of the absolute favorite among the locals. The dialect known as Bayrischer (Bavaria), it is a convenient jumping several variations of Polka, that dancing 2/4 time, not by chance As Bayrisch Polka. Austria is also known Bauernpolka or Farmer Polka.

Dating to the mid-19th century, the Boarischer danced in several ways, including offener Boarischer (open Boarischer) and the characters Boarischer (Figure Boarischer).

The Landler

The Landler or Ländler a 3/4 time from the last decades of the 18th century dance. It can be as fast as the classic waltz or as slow as a sweet lullaby, which is the incredible versatility. Along with the Boarischer, this is one of the most popular dances in authentic alpine music.

The Landler also by the kind of dance often Schuhplattlers who take advantage of the slightly slower pace, to illustrate the complexity of the arm and leg work. Similarly, faster Landlers often used by musicians to showcase their technical prowess, as it usually takes several feature-intensive parts such as classical cousin circulating.

The Dots

Pöttyös became standardized as the first half of the 1800s – the name means "the Polish" from no coincidence that in Eastern Europe. This dance is a quick 2/4 time, and for many has become synonymous with the German music – especially music Oktoberfest.

The credibility Volksmusik, the Polka is heard less often than the other 2/4 -time cousin of Boarischer.


Minuet and Waltz of the Deutscher Tanz dance in a 3/4 time, from the 18th century. This is a strong-flowing swing makes it a favorite among dancers, and this was, of course, battle horse of the great Viennese composer Johann Strauss.

The Alpine music is often on hand to circulating Landler second place, although the two can be like dancing.

to Marsch

The Marsch (March), recognizable by its military-like 2/4 or 4/4 rhythm. It is often used as the entry dancers in traditional Alpine music pieces or even Schuhplattling. Although these dance pieces, too many marches lyrics of one or more of the sections – are often some of the most fun and hymn-like tradition.

vocal music

vocal music, this tradition is mainly divided between numbers and Yodlers. Most of the songs are accompanied by instruments, dance rhythms follow one mentioned above, and may or may not include a section yodel-style singing. Topics vary from nostalgic to downright obscene, love or work-ethic of "wink-wink" double meaning.

On the other hand, most Yodlers slowly flowing wordless harmonies sung a cappella, and these voices remind us of the pure Alpine echoes.

The traditional Alpine Volksmusik Instruments

Traditional alpine Volksmusik uses a very well-defined tools. A unique tradition dating back over a hundred years old, so the devices associated with it quite distinctive and timeless. The equipment Volksmusik bands are playing straight into the Alpine tradition and tied to the group's sound is rich and full.

In addition to the traditional instruments played, after a clearly defined technique, which is still grown in conservatories and music -schools the Alpine areas. In other words, what the game is not the only thing that matters is how you play is just as important.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly heard Alpine Volksmusik tools, as well as a brief description of their characteristics.


The zither is a desktop tool for plucked string family, and achieved worldwide fame in the soundtrack to the film The Third Man. It's a fingerboard five strings whose pitch is controlled by the left hand, as well as many unfretted strings tuned in fifths. On the right side you pick up the fretboard strings with a thumb ring, striving for bass accompaniment and the ring, middle and index fingers.

The main difficulty in playing the zither coordination. The right thumb that is completely independent of the other fingers play the melody with feeling and expression, while the other three fingers to find the rhythm of pace and a good bounce.

There are two main tuning Zither: the Bavarian and Vienna.

Steirische Harmonica

Solid alpine instrument, the accordion gets its name from Styria Steiermark (Styria), in the region of Austria that has produced many excellent Volksmusikanten. Three or more rows of buttons on the right hand is played, each producer's notes after a key press in the main Triassic dominant accordion and pulls the seventh (plus a few other notes); and the appropriate number of bass playing in the left hand.

The Styrian just play the right keys on the keyboard are. For example, a Styrian, which is only three lines (for example, G, C, F), just play G, C and F. This is a typically brassy bass called Helicon, which is reminiscent of a Tuba or Posaune, and it makes the Styrian sound is unmistakable.

classical guitar

The classical guitar is one of the most important tools accompanied by an authentic Alpine folk music. The game most of the fingers on the right hand side (no pick), the thumb to play bass and bass-runs, chords and performing other fingers.

Although physically similar to the classic Spanish guitar known almost everywhere, the Alpine requests a special classical guitar playing technique and the perfect feeling for this type of music. A very typical type is a companion "PAH-rooms" pattern, in which the bass is kept very short stopping almost immediately on the palm or the back of the thumb, while the left-hand chord sounds more freely. There are several interesting bass runs, which feature Alpine music and add bounce and enthusiasm to every piece.

The guitar can also be used as a melodic instrument, primarily other guitars and / or harp, zither and similar stringed instruments.

The Hackbrett

hammered dulcimer is a kind of Hackbrett. To use either melodic-harmonic, that is playing together with other instruments; or rhythmic, that plays eight notes, while the other plays a musical instrument has values. It is very common in Stubenmusi Saitenmusi and Alpine breeds Volksmusik and is suitable for indoor wonderfully, unmiked locations.

Schrammel Guitar

The Schrammel guitar is a second regular classical guitar neck is tight unfretted nine additional bass strings are usually tuned to a chromatic during the European Championship in the 6 string guitar down during the G – although alternate tuning is allowed.

This kind of guitar made popular in Vienna at the turn of "Sramli" groups of the last century, where the guitar, accompanied by instruments like the violin and the clarinet. The thumb of the right hand plays the bass, the guitar and the bass range of the regular strings, while the other fingers play the higher notes of the left hand touched the guitar fretboard.

Of course, the Schrammel guitar can be played as a regular classical guitar when asked.

The Harp, bass and other instruments

Few people know that in the modern pedal harp owes at least some roots in the Tyrol, Italy, in the region bordering Austria. In Volksmusik, the harp is used in a very eclectic way – either as a solo instrument or as an accompaniment to other instruments.

The double bass almost ubiquitous in large groups, where the deep notes together in a harmonious basis, and the main rhythmic scansion. It can be played either with a bow or plucking, but either way, the dances played mostrly short, staccato notes. This "room" A "room-PAH 'rhythm, playing mostly alternating root and fifth chord being played on other devices. A common variation of (or in addition to) the bass is a bass tuba in the brass like.

More commonly heard instruments include a clarinet, trumpet and violin, while including the sound sometimes heard is that the ocarina, Jew's harp, the Mountain xylophone (Hoelzernes Glachter) and the funny names, funny-looking Teufelsgeige or devil's violin, rhythmic percussion.

Alpine Volksmusik USA

Alpine Volksmusik not easy to find in the US – at least as competent musicians played well in the tradition. There are a few individuals and / or groups scattered around the country who will be delighted to share their passion for this wonderful musical form for those interested. The players of this music echte Volksmusikanten approach their music and instruments almost classical meticulousness, at any concert you'll see all the joie-de-vivre and zest, that in itself is a big part of this tradition.

The best way to hear what it sounds authentic Volksmusik to visit YouTube and search for "Echte Volksmusik" or names such as Franz Posch.

I hope that this brief article, you are more inclined to learn about and appreciate the wonderful sounds Alpine Volksmusik – which is a breath of fresh mountain air that will make everyone smile every time I played.

Source by Seppel Bellot