Dubreuil – a remote village in Mauritius

This is a small village located about 20 minutes from the nearest town almost in the center of Mauritius. The population of 2733 inhabitants that is embedded in a totally rustic setting. In fact, this town surrounded by forests and greenery.

On reaching the destination the visitor & # 39; s eyes are focused on the old-fashioned houses and old architecture. Most of the buildings appear deserted requires a thorough renovation. Since this is a humid region, the outside walls green moss. The streets were almost deserted as only few people have the vehicle. Even the buses are a half-hour interval

The main area is concentrated in a few shops and vegetable sellers. Because many things are not available to residents of the village to go the city's shopping and entertainment purposes.As far as regards transport facilities, other than the services offered by the bus company are local taxis traveling from village to town and vice versa.

Like many other villages, it was also equipped with a community center, which can be seen as a meeting point in the villages. It's his to together to discuss everyday problems and how to address them. In door games like Carrom, dominoes, Monopoly and other games proposed to young people. Sports such as football and volleyball are also exercised the residents and tournaments are organized regularly. Outdoor activities also exist, where people gather to celebrate ceremonies and other important functions.

Regarding the health facilities of the Ministry of Health has set up a pharmacy where free health services to the majority of the population .. What the people involved the center minor illnesses, such as injuries, pain, malnutrition and skin problems. Pre-natal services, family planning and vaccination programs are carried out out.However, the main disease that the villagers suffer from alcoholism. This is a serious blow to the village.

The village is also equipped with a primary education, promoting the benefits of the residents. However, because of poverty, many parents can not afford to send their children to school, although education is free. The performance of students is poor, as most of them are not receiving the necessary support to families in their home environment. The majority of employees working in the agricultural sector, sugar cane fields and tea plantation.Up that now the villagers are very few intellectuals. With industrialization, the bulk of the female labor force looking for work in the textile and manufacturing sectors.

Several years ago the police had opened in the village in the security of the population. Earlier, in each case dealt another nearby police station.With the increasing number of cases of police stations do not play a decisive role in maintaining law and order in the locality. Very often, cases of disputes, fights, thefts and conflicts are the villagers under the influence of alcohol explicitly reported to the police.

As mentioned above, one major problem affecting village alcoholism. This situation goes back as along time. Previously, it was not appropriate entertainment for the residents. The only way to entertain themselves was to drink from friends and colleagues. After returning home from work, the majority of workers gathered to talk shop, booze .. Even today, young people have fallen prey to the scourge. You really do not have enough fun in the n generation. The liquor shops bustle with customers and operate until very late. In fact, this is a very profitable business in a corner of the country. In fact, this conjecture will create many social and family problems such as domestic violence, divorce and negligence towards children in special education. Awareness programs are carried out by social workers to tell the terrible effects of the toll on health and social life

One of the most striking features of the village in the presence of several kilometers of forests and green. In fact, from beginning to end, the visitor & # 39; s eyes are attracted to the greenery. Here, life goes on smoothly and peacefully, as the residents away from the crazy crowds and noise large agglomerations and cities .. In fact, this is an ideal place for sports such as running, where the possibility of the individual to breathe fresh air and enjoy good health. The presence of rivers and dams to enhance the beauty of the green area. The rivers are rich in many kinds of fish, shrimps and crabs. Many villagers gain their living by fishing.

After touring the village, the viewer gets a glimpse of a typical Mauritian rural regions. The mentality, culture, behavior and lifestyle of the village is completely different from those in urban areas. So if you get the opportunity to come in Mauritius do not forget to visit the specific locality.

Source by Azad Boodhun

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